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Comprehensive Range of ‘HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANES’ From 30 Metric
Tonnes to 450 Metric Tonnes.

Sr No.ModelCapacityQuantityLoadcharts
1DEMAG AC500500 TONS1 No.Preview
2Demag AC 615250 Tons 2 Nos.Coming soon
3Demag AC 200200 Tons1 No.Preview
4Krupp KMK 5170170 Tons1 No.Coming Soon
5Demag AC 435160 Tons2 Nos.Preview
6Demag AC 335150 Tons2 NosPreview
7Grove TM 1500150 Tons1 No.Preview
8Grove TM 1400140 Tons1 No.Preview
9Grove TM 1275125 Tons1 No.Preview
10Demag AC 265100 Tons2 Nos.Preview
11Grove TMS 87580 Tons1 No.Preview
12Grove TM 80080 Tons2 Nos.Preview
13TIL TMS 87575 Tons2 nos.Preview
14SANY STC 7575 Tons3 nos.preview
15P&H 75075 Tons3 Nos.Coming Soon
16XCMG QY 70 K70 Tons2 nos.preview
17P&H 600 XL60 Tons2 Nospreview
18Grove TM 60060 Tons1 No.preview
19Coles60 Tons1 No.Coming Soon
20Grove TMS-47545 Tons4 Nos.preview
21TIL TMS 750MK II40 Tons2 nos.preview
22Grove TM 375 LP40 Tons2 nos.preview
23Grove 635B35 Tons1 No.preview
24Grove TM 30030 Tons2 nos.preview
25Demag HC 810300 Tons1 No.preview