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Crawler Cranes

Agricultural engineers may perform tasks such as planning, supervising and managing the building of dairy effluent schemes, irrigation, drainage, flood and water control systems, performing environmental impact assessments, agricultural product processing and interpret research results and implement relevant practices.

Sr No.ModelCapacityQuantity
1SANY SCC 3000US300 Tons2 Nos.
2P&H 5300300 Tons2 Nos.
3Sany SCC2500C250 Tons1 No.
4Link Belt LS 718250 Tons1 No.
5KOBELO CKE 2500250 Tons2 Nos.
6SANY SCC 1500 C150 Tons3 Nos.
7American 9299150 Tons2 Nos.
8Link Belt LS 518150 Tons1 No.
9P&H 5170150 Tons2 Nos.
10Manitowoc 4000 W150 Tons1 No.
11Manitowoc 390090 Tons1 No.
12XCMG QUY 8080 Tons1 No.
13Zoomilon QUY 8080 Tons1 No.
14Fushun QUY 8080 Tons3 Nos.
15Tata TFC 28075 Tons10 Nos.
16P&H 955 ALC75 Tons6 Nos.
17XCMG QUY 7575 Tons10 Nos.
18XCMG QUY 7070 Tons2 Nos.
19P&H 670 WLC70 Tons3 Nos.
20P&H 65540 Tons6 Nos.
21P&H 33535 Tons2 Nos.
22P&H 32527 Tons2 Nos.
23P&H 32020 Tons7 Nos.


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